Wyze v3 night vision

Hi. I’ve got a wyze camera v3. I’m having problems with night vision changing to colour when it detects a light.

I have got night vision on with IR lights off as im using an independent IR light system, only problem with this is when it detects and outside light it will flick to colour. I dont want it to do this as ill get 2 notifications with the first one picking someone up and the 2nd notification is the camera changing from colour vision back to night vision.

Any ideas?


Two way to lock it on night vision. When watching the camera in portrait, above the upper right corner of the video is a crescent moon icon with tiny print that says “Auto”, “On” or “Off”. Each time you tap that icon, it will switch between those modes.
Second way is to tap the gear in the far upper right corner and then Advanced Settings. Part way down the screen you can set the Night Vision Mode by tapping on your desired setting.

Hi, thanks for reply. I did try the setting to ON the other day but found it stayed on night vision in the day? Well i think it did. I did notice it didnt switch back to colour when it normally does?

I want colour in the day but night vison just at night without it switching to colour night vision.

If you switch it to ON it will stay on all the time, in AUTO it will switch to normal vision anytime there is enough light and night vision when there isn’t. I am not sure of a way to fix what you are running into unless they were to come up with a way to schedule night vision. I did just check and there is a #wishlist item for scheduled night vision that you could vote for.


Tinker with the night vision conditions - dusk/dawn settings if you wanted to keep it in auto. This may help keep it in nv mode for a bit longer.

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