Sensor light causing events

Hi, hoping you might have some ideas or thoughts. I have an i.r sensor light which lights up my driveway and front steps, of which the steps are covered by a Wyze V2. When the sensor lights are tripped it automatically triggers an event and I get a notification. I’ve tried lowering the sensitivity but then I’m missing movement during the day. Got any tips on how I can receive notifications during the day but not after hours?

Hey Cammo,

When the IR light is on, the Wyze camera senses this as motion because the Wyze cam itself didn’t turn the IR light on and the IR light made a significant change in the video, this is why when the on board IR lights / night-vision are turned on, it doesn’t trigger an event. Unless your IR light turns on at the exact same time the Wyze IR lights turn on or motion detection is off or the 5-minute event cooldown is still not over, an event will be triggered.


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Forgot to mention, a suggestion would be having the IR light on all the time or using a smart outlet and having it timed to turn on before the Wyze Cam normally turns its onboard nightvision on.

Sorry Kenner, I didn’t really make it clear. The sensor light is a regular light that is triggered by movement. It’s the change from the steps going from dark to lit up that triggers the event. Maybe there’s a way using IFTTT or similar that I can avoid receiving notifications during the night about movement but still get them during the day?