Why are lights going on or off construed as motion

I want events to be triggered by motion, most of my events are triggered by a change in lighting

The cams are triggered by lights due to the way it decides motion. It sees motion when the number of pixels changing reaches a set threshold. Therefore a light coming across the area the camera sees will change enough pixels to flag it as motion.


Thanks for the quick reply.

That is a bummer. It is something I didn’t anticipate.

I guess playing with motion sensitivity won’t help.

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It can help a bit, there are also other options, people have used the Sense motion sensor and turned off the cam motion as the Sense one is a PIR sensor


I was going to suggest the same thing. Motion sensitivity may help somewhat, but if you’d like the camera to trigger only when it detects IR motion (heat, like a human body), you could buy a Wyze Sense kit and use the motion sensor to trigger your recordings instead of the camera-based motion detection.

Note that the sensors aren’t outdoor rated, although if you keep it shielded from water, such as under an eave, you’ll probably be okay. But use it at your own risk outdoors. It’s also important to note the IR motion sensor won’t work through glass.


I can chime in in favor of what has already been said by @nerdland and @WyzeJasonJ . I live on a dead end street and get an endless stream of people turning around and their lights flash across my cams field, giving me constant fake’ motion’ events. Added the Sense motion detectors and turned off cam detection and now the only ones I get are the ones that physically come in front of the house. Huge improvement.


You all have me convinced. I went ahead and bought the kit, even though I have no interest in the contacts.

I must say, I wish these motion sensors that don’t respond to changes in light were part of the existing cams. I’m hoping that will be part of the roadmap, maybe for version 3. Although I’m guessing these sensors are more expensive and might drive the cost up.

A cam that didn’t trigger false-motion alerts would be so much better.

They’ve confirmed that the upcoming outdoor camera will have a built-in IR sensor. :slight_smile: