Camera detected motion when light was turned on

I have a camera in my kitchen that points out through the patio doors. The camera is behind some blinds. The kitchen and family room are open plan as a single long room.

The light was on in the family room. My wife turned the kitchen light on. I received a notification just after she turned the light on so I assume the light reflected off the patio door glass and confused the camera.

Anyone else experienced this?

It’s not uncommon. There isn’t an actual motion sensor in the camera. The camera software simply looks for changes in the pixels of the image and if enough of them change in a certain amount of area, it flags it as motion

So close lightning might trigger it too?

Probably not once it’s on or off for a bit, but during the actual time of switching the light on or off, it might depending on the amount of shadows and reflections in that particular room.

A bright flash of lightning will definitely trigger the cam motion detection. Have had many during t’ storms.
Great fix/improvement is to add a motion sensor from the Wyze Sense kit. It is an actual PIR Sensor and won’t be fooled by light pixel changes. Plus it can be placed away from the cam to cover larger areas and can be keyed to multiple cams. Won’t work thru glass though.

Yeah, I’d use the motion sensor but it doesn’t work through glass.

You can place the sensor outside the window and the cam inside. The sensor just has to have connection with the bridge which can be in any cam. A long as that happens and The Wi-Fi is good it will work. What you probably get though is extra clips because depending on how it’s field of coverage is placed things that trigger it may not be in the cameras field of view.

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