Security cam sends alert for lightening display

Cam V3 beta During a storm lightning display, 2 of my 5 indoor assigned security cams sent motion alerts each time lightning lit up the room. The outside cams, (added edit: they are V3s), did not send any motion alerts even though they were turned on
See log 637881.

I found the probable answer to my question. Because two of my cams were in rooms not subject to moving headlight reflections on a wall opposite a window, I had turned on Notifications for Any Other Motion. However, it still seems wrong that adding light to a room,e.g. lightning, would be reported as motion.

Outdoor cameras use PIR to detect motion. Indoor cameras use pixel changes so any sudden light change will trigger the indoor cameras.


Not a bug - just a difference in how the different cameras detect motion. Based on the firmware version you gave, I assume the indoor cameras are V3 cameras. The V2 and V3 cameras use a change in pixels in the video image to detect motion. In other words, if enough pixels are different than previously, it must be motion. This is the same reason that a V2 or V3 camera will detect the light from headlights as motion even if the headlights are only illuminating a curtain (so there is not motion, just changes in lighting).
The Wzye Cam Outdoor uses a PIR sensor that detects heat. Yes, lightning is obviously hot, but not close enough (or if it is, you have bigger problems) to be detected as motion.


I was suspect of the cause because all 10 cams, indoors and outdoors, are V3 models. In eight months of use I’ve never had the cams alert from lightning; thus, I thought some firmware change caused a change that did not account for lightning effects where all pixels had to have changed at once, I.e., the whole room lit up.

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