Outdoor cam battery drain, IR lights

I noticed my outdoor cams battery getting sucked dry in just a day or so, and I happened to be looking though another wyze cam when I noticed the outdoor cam’s IR light was triggered but no motion notification. So I kept watching the other cam, and sure enough, the outdoor cam ir light seems to be turning on every 60-70 seconds and stay on for about 20-30 seconds. It’s doing this on repeat, all night.

I have two Outdoor cams, and both seem to have this problem. App and firmware should all be up to date.
Any one else having this issue?

Sounds like your night vision is being triggered on and off constantly. I had this problem from the night light in my daughter’s room triggering the auto night vision on and off constantly as well. I just kept moved the night light in different spots till it didn’t interfere with the cam’s night vision and haven’t had that problem since. Are there any light sources near your outdoor cam that could be doing the same?

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Is the night vision function and IR light one in the same?

The odd thing is, I got frustrated with it, and ended up shutting off the base station over night. When I turned it back on the next day… I have yet to see the IR lights kick on repeatedly. It might actually be broken because I’m not getting any notifications or recordings for it now. I can look at it live, but thats all. Pretty sure I’m out of warranty on them too. Sadface.