Work around for car lights causing events to record

Has anybody figured out a work-around to stop recording events when car lights are detected by v2 cams? NOT talking about detection zones as in my case car lights will “flash” across my already reduced detection zones. Any work-arounds like maybe using Tinycam Pro? Any other options?


Unfortunately, no. I have the same problem with cameras that face the road. I always get a lot of useless motion events at night. If Wyze added scheduling for sensitivity settings and detection zones, I think it would go a long way toward addressing this issue. You could use lower sensitivity at night, and maybe make the detection zone narrower to exclude the area where lights come into the frame at night. It would also save Wyze money on cloud storage. :wink: (Good enough reason to implement this, @WyzeGwendolyn? Haha)

This wishlist item includes some of that, although it’s a really broad topic.


I have the same problem with car lights reflecting onto driveway or into the yard when a turn is made. It’s really bad after a rain providing a more reflective surface. At least these alerts don’t show up as a person alert.

Agreed on the Person Alert. Hopefully we will get a timely replacement from Wyze when they lose the current Person Alert capability.

In my experience the Person Alert is a must have unless you are just using the cameras to play around with.

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You should vote for this wishlist item, if you haven’t. It would go a long way toward addressing the headlight issue, I think. And I mentioned in the thread that it may help ease the blow of losing person detection if they’re able to implement it before person detection goes away, since it will help people get more useful notifications, like person detection did.