Keeps detecting headlights at night

So i just installed wyze cam v2 today. I wondered why it kept detecting motion, and finally figured out it is the headlights of cars. The light is hitting posts and objects on my porch and the light moves as the cars move. Is there any way to make it only record if there is a person, and not just any movement? Its a busy street so headlights are going to be happening a lot. Thanks.


But if you have the paid CamPlus service you can set it to notify you only when it determines a human.

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@Customer - is this one of the those situations where the Outdoor cam might be better, since it’s detection method is different and it’s looking for warm bodies basically?

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Yup I think you’re right.

With his/her existing V2, other then person detection via CamPlus, I suppose the best that can be done is repointing the camera, setting a detection zone, tweaking sensitivity, and/or supplementing with a motion detector like the old or new Wyze Sense.

Oh, and if the street is busy the camera is going to be mostly useless without CamPlus, because it will be constantly triggering and the so called “cooldown” period means they will miss a LOT of human actions during the regular 5 minute breaks…

All that said, try lowering the sensitivity first and see if you can tame the headlights. Maybe a porch light will help.

I turn motion detection OFF at night on both my V2s and V3s whenever headlights keep false-triggering them. On those, I activate my motion sensors 24/7 . So my cams are visually blind at night, but my IR-activated motion sensors trigger the camera and capture anyone approaching.

BTW, why did you choose the V2? The best a V2 can do at night is capture an IR version of the person. That’s a false image, because a black coat can look white. A V3 at the same light level can capture the same incident in full color. Assuming of course the scene isn’t in total darkness.

I just set the detection zone to cover a small area where someone would have to pass through to be of concern, but it is where headlights don’t affect the image.

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I appreciate your responses. I am still waiting for Wyze Support to reply… the problem for me is that the center area where I need to detect people coming on my porch IS the area where lights are reflecting off of the columns of my porch… and there is no way to avoid them.

So my 2nd question – oh, and I DO have Cam Plus… If I leave the camera recording motion (which means a zillion few seconds of recordings of moving lights), does that take up my space in the cloud of Cam Plus? Would space issues for the recordings be a problem? Or not? If not, can I just ignore all those motion recordings and only look at the “person” detected ones in Cam Plus? I just thought having all those recordings would cause a space issue in the cloud or an SD card. Thanks.

Yes they take space. No, it’s not a problem (for you anyway). Both cloud and SD storage are pretty cheap, and you’re paying for the privilege.

Yes, just filter/notify by person. That’s what the feature is for.

If you haven’t yet, try the Alexa person announcements for Wyze. I love them.