Need advise on camera picking up headlight reflections on driveway

I’m a rather new user of the WYZE camera. I have it aimed at my driveway. I’ve decreased the detection zone so that it will only pick up cars entering my driveway and/or persons walking towards my house. The problem is at night, the headlights on my street reflect on my driveway and it sets off event. It’s much worse when it’s raining and the driveway is more reflective than usual. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to fix it? This doesn’t happen during the day, just after dark.


There is no fix, that is how these cams work. They detect changes in pixels, and there is no setting you can change to fix this right now.

If/When “Person Detection” is actually works again, then, you could use that to filter for people, but then you can’t detect cars, unless they have car detection…


There’s not much you can do to fix that. There isn’t an actual motion sensor in the camera, it works strictly by software looking for changes in the pixels of the image. Big changes in light such as headlights are certainly large pixel changes. Playing with the sensitivity is about it, but the headlights will probably still trigger it.

What some people have done is to use a Wyze Sense motion detector to trigger event recording. The Wyze motion sensor is an actual PIR motion detector which works on a heat/motion combination and much les prone to false triggering.


Ok, thanks for responding.

Thanks for responding. I think I have the sensitivity down to 30%. I wish I could have a profile for different times of the day so I could drastically reduce it at night.

Not knowing if you are living by a hwy or not. Perhaps mount the camera in a different location with camera facing house will help. yes will require work for power and weather proof.

The sensitivity just controls how many pixel changes are allowed before it trips. Headlights would ALWAYS trigger it, even if they had a 1% setting.

The same thing happens when you have a bug that flies into the lens, it is so big that it covers pretty much everything, there is no sensitivity setting to “fix” that.

Actually just a busy street. I’ve decreased the detection zone so most of the headlights won’t trigger an event. Tonight will be a good test.