Ignore Reflection of car going on street or headlights

Is there a way to turn off false alarms like reflection of the windshield of a car going on street or headlights in the night? I want to get notification only when a physical object is moving.

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maybe try to use "motion detection zone " to narrow on what you want to monitor ? Not sure if it will help in your situation.

I already tried to narrow the motion detection zone. But, still when the car drives on the road on a sunny day, a reflection of the windshield still triggers the notification. Is there a way to reduce the motion sensing to trigger only if the motion stays active for more than 3 seconds?

currently, we don’t have a way to adjust motion duration as a criteria for trigger. Have you try motion detection sensitivity setting ?

Nope, there is no way to do that besides trying to find the best angle to limit what the cam sees. Lights would pretty much always trigger them, because that is how the pixel comparison works.

I see the same problem when I set the level for 1. I reduced the detection zone as much as I could. Luckily I am not on a busy street.

I have seen reflections when the driveway is wet that also sets off the camera, day or night.

You can add a well-positioned motion sensor (so it can’t see the street, or anything else that might falsely set it off).


I only have my driveway selected. I even exclude the swale and sidewalk. It only happens after rain or at night.

Guess I need to invest in non-reflective paint.

It’s fine if you want to live with it. Just giving you an option. Probably wasn’t worth resurrecting a 10-month old thread if you didn’t have a problem with it, tho. :wink: