Cam+Floodlight alerts to traffic going by

I have the detection zone set to exclude the street going by, and also exclude the first 25% or so of my driveway. Motion Detector Sensitivity is set to 75 (much lower and it misses a lot of what it should catch). Night Vision Mode is set to Auto, Night Vision Conditions is set to Dusk, Night Vision IR Lights is set to Near. Detected by PIR Sensor is set to OFF (turn it on and it misses most of what it should catch), and Smart Detection Events is ON (Person, Pet, Vehicle, and Package).

At night, many times when a vehicle drives by with headlights on, I get an alert. The vehicle is well outside the detection zone but light from its headlights illuminates part of the detection zone.

It gets worse if I have my truck parked in the driveway. Then I get a hit every time some car’s headlights light up my truck.

What can I do to cut down on some of this?

All of the Wyze wire powered cams use Light Pixelation Algorithms to detect motion. Any coloration changes in adjacent pixels within the video image are interpreted as motion. The Motion Sensitivity settings you have set in the cam determine how severe the changes in adjacent pixels or the number of pixels involved needs to be to surpass the “Motion Detected” threshold.

The headlights in the included DZ are triggering the motion event, the floodlight activated by the cam motion detection turns it on.

The PIR sensor on the floodlight, however, is much less affected by light as it is reacting to IR heat sources. However, keep in mind that the cam is pumping out IR light from the LED IR emitters on the front of the cam. This increased active IR light in the zone can very easily overwhelm the PIR sensor from reflection alone and also activate the floodlight too often.

When a motion event is activated, the AI Bot on the server interrogates the image for any AI object you have indicated in your settings. The object does not need to be moving. Any object that matches, like your parked truck, will get tagged.


  • Only use the PIR sensor to activate the Floodlights. Adjust the PIR sensitivity down as needed to an acceptable level so that it will work with the LED IR lights on the cam flooding the zone with IR light. This will take time to slowly dial in and adjust.
  • Set your Notifications to only notify you of AI Events and disable the toggle for All Other Motion
  • Filter out Motion only events from your Events tab in favor of only AI Events. You also have the option to only record AI events in Event Recording, but I prefer to record everything just in case, just not to see them or hear them unless I want to.
  • Disable Vehicle AI unless you can set a Detection Zone to exclude the parked vehicle.
  • Set a rule for the cam to activate the floodlight when a Person is detected.
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Wow. Thanks for the detailed reply, @SlabSlayer. You definitely go above and beyond, here in the forum.

I did everything you said except for the rule part… haven’t yet figured out how to use rules but that’s next. Excluding the truck from the detected area did help, although that’s only a workaround… I have to adjust the exclusion areas every time I move the truck or park it in the garage. But I can deal with that.

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