Flood motion lights keep sending alerts

my cam is near a motion LED light .whenever the light turns on or off it sends a vehicle detected alert. no vehicle just the light going on then off.
Any ideas , I have tried adjusting the sensitivity .
thank you.

The PanV3 uses Light Pixelation Algorithms to sense motion. Changes in the shading of adjacent pixels indicates movement. When the PIR floodlight comes on, the cam senses the sudden change in light and interprets it as motion. I get this lighting change Event activation occasionally from my PanV1, PanV3, V3, V3Pro, and both OG Cams. I have two PIR Floodlights next to V3 and PanV3 cams and it took a long time to adjust them so they worked together.

This is exacerbated when using a IRNV cam near a PIR activated floodlight. The Cam’s LED IR Light emitters on the face are pumping IR light into the FOV and that is reflecting back into the Floodlight PIR making it all the more sensitive.

If there is a parked vehicle in the field of view, and you have Vehicle detection on, it will tag that as a Vehicle. The AI software does not discriminate between moving and stationary objects when scrubbing the video for AI objects.

Using a Detection Zone, reducing the sensitivity of the cam, lowering the sensitivity of the PIR, turning off Vehicle Detection, using only Near IR (not available on the PanV3) may help.

On three of my new floodlights, not wanting to deal with the floodlight fighting the cam, I opted for no PIR. Instead, I plugged them into Wyze Plugs and use Rules so that they activate based on what the Cam detects. That puts the Cam in charge of activating the floodlight.