Help with Floodlight?

I recently purchased and installed a Wyze Floodlight. I am trying to understand motion notifications and light control.

With night mode on, the camera seems to detect what I can only assume are bugs flying near the camera as they appear as white flashes moving around. No lights are on at the time, and the motion does not turn on the floodlight. It does however, send a notification…all night long. If I turn night mode off, the notifications stop as it doesn’t seem to detect the bugs flying, but I am then uncertain if it would detect anything else, and I can not see the area through the app without turning the floodlight on.

  1. If motion is detected, why is the floodlight not activated (not that I want it activated for these bugs)
  2. Should the motion detection be sensing these bugs flying around? None of my motion lights from other companies seem to have this issue (although I do not have night mode on those)
  3. I have not had the floodlight turn on at night for any motion detection (I should probably walk out there and see if it turn on)

When the light/camera detects motion, it tells me it detects a vehicle. It is in an area that I have a camper stored. The camper is stationary and does not move. All morning today I have been receiving motion notifications for a vehicle. In reality, it is actually detecting movement of trees, but because the camper is nearby, is comes across as a vehicle being detected.

  1. Does it sound right that a non-moving vehicle would be detected?

Detection Settings
Motion Detection Sensitivity: 50
Detection Zone is set, but does have areas with trees that blow
Sound Detection Sensitivity: 15
Event Recording
Record Motion Events: On
Detected by PIR Sensor: Off
All Motion Events: On
Device Notifications
Notifications: On
Motion Events: Person, Pet, Vehicle
Advanced Settings
Record to Micro SD Card: Continuous
Night Vision Mode: Auto
Night Vision Conditions: Dark
Nigh Vision IR Lights: Far
Floodlight Settings
Floodlight Control: Auto
Sunset to Sunrise: Off
Motion Is Detected by PIR Sensor: On
PIR Sensor Settings: 100% (Far)
Sensitivity: High (I live in an area with wildlife. I would like to catch them on camera, so high setting says small animals like cats or dogs)
Motion is Detected by Camera: On
Sound is Detected by Camera: Off

Hey, welcome back to the forum! Thanks for all the detailed info, it really helps.

The v1 floodlight cam uses a combination of PIR sensor and digital motion detection. By default the PIR sensor is only used for triggering the floodlight, and the pixel motion detection is used, like with all other cams, to trigger event recording.

With the IR lights on, bugs will appear very bright, and sometimes are attracted to the camera. This will cause the camera to see them as large and trigger motion detection. The cam will then scan the entire frame for AI tags, which means stationary vehicles will also be tagged. Wyze has been working on moving vehicle detection for a while, and apparently it’s very difficult.

To handle the bugs, the most common solution if you can’t just disable the night vision mode, is to install a separate IR floodlight nearby. Then it will light the area up so the camera can see, but the bugs will stay over by it instead of right in front of the camera.

Another thing you could try is to enable the filter by PIR setting in the cams event recording settings. This will mean that the cam will only record and send a notification if the PIR sensor also detects motion.

This would probably be your best bet to try, and if your still having issues we can revisit the problem.


Thank you for the response. Appreciate the feedback and I will try making some of the setting changes.