Wyze Floodlight Cam Detection Settings Broken

The new Wyze floodlight cam is great, but the motion settings don’t seem to work properly. Currently I have mine set to the default PIR only to turn on the light but when my cam detects motion from the wind it still Sometimes turns on. Other users also reporting these issue in Discord.

Mine does mot do that, but I did notice the pir is very sensitive…i had to turn off middle pir sensor to not detect cars, even with sensetivity set to 1%

The rain seems to turn my floodlight on at night. Anyone else seeing this problem?

Do you have it set to PIR only or motion or both. Make sure to set it to PIR so only larger animals and people will trigger it

I am hoping I can set the camera not to trigger notifications unless the PIR triggers. Is that possible? Really, I do plan on loading the Firmware for RTSP and hooking it up to my Synology NAS. I don’t think I will be able to setup the trigger from the PIR to cause the camera notifications through Synology NAS, but hoping I can figure a way around it. I hate rain and snow triggers. I can live with bugs, but would like to eliminate those too.

I of course do this so I can have continuous recording which Wyze does not handle. I still have my Nest doorbell because of the lack of continuous recording on Wyze cloud and that they won’t trigger my regular doorbells.

Yes you can! In the cameras settings go to Accessories > Floodlight and you will see “turn on when dark” here you can check each box to set when it will get triggered. Keep in mind this is only for the light turning on not to camera recording.

I was hoping to have it trigger the camera as I don’t want to use motion, but PIR only. Until they release a PIR camera, we will all have to deal with snow, rain, insects triggering a million times. They are not that expensive, so I can’t figure out why hardly anyone is using them especially in POE cameras…driving me nuts.

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If you go to camera settings > event recording, you can filter by PIR detection

Yes, the rain AND fog moving by will trigger the light. I also find that if you access the Floodlight from the App, that will also turn ON the light, even if you’re just checking for video. That needs a setting so you can choose to leave the light off when checking the APP for video.

It will still detect motion from the camera. You can’t set just PIR detection.