Wyze Cam Floodlight, range of PIR sensor?

On the Wyze Cam Floodlight, if “Detected by PIR sensor” is selected, motion detected by the camera is ignored and only motion detected by the PIR (passive infrared) sensor is recorded, correct?

I’m not getting much if any response out of the PIR sensor in either of my Cam Floodlights. How sensitive is that thing really? Is it controlled by the Motion Detection Sensitivity setting, or does that only affect the video motion detection? I have it set for 75, and still not much response when a person walks by, and none at all if an animal walks by.

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Try testing the motion detection in the accessories > floodlight settings. See if it triggers when you walk in front of it.
You can also adjust other parameters in those settings

Wow, @IEatBeans, that was a fast response, thanks. :slight_smile:

The floodlight settings are:
Floodlight Control - Auto
Motion detected by PIR - checked
Detection Distance - 100% Far (tried several settings)
Sensitivity - High
Motion detected by camera - checked

But, that just controls the floodlight, right? I’m not getting many event reports, either.

The settings for the PIR zones, distance, etc are for anything that uses the PIR afaik, which is the light and events when using the filter by PIR setting in event recording.

I haven’t used that option, but I believe it requires the camera AND PIR to detect a person. You may have better luck if you disable that.

If you have both of them checked, then either PIR or the camera can trigger the floodlight. If only PIR is checked, then only PIR detection could trigger the floodlight.

In my experience, triggering the floodlight with PIR only doesn’t really work. Because I live on a busy street, I initially have the PIR sensors set to 50% and sensitivity low. It would trigger when a person walks across the driveway but it would not detect a car pulling onto the driveway. Not sure why. I then added Camera detection with detection setting set to 50% with a restricted Detection, It worked marginally better but not well.