Motion detection with Cam Floodlight (non Pro)

Having some challenges calibrating the Cam Floodlight.

Live on a busy street so Motion Detection is set to 45, with a “Detection Zone”, and “Sound Detection” to 1. Okay with what is being recorded locally. It is capturing events outside the “Detection Zone” but I am okay with it since I have a large SD card installed. Event recording is set to yes and “Detected by PIR” is also set to yes. In my observation, it is more hits than misses.

Floodlight Settings is to set to Auto with “Motion detected by camera” checked. It consistently does NOT trigger the light to come on when I pull onto the driveway in a car. It detects person(s) okay. I initially had “Motion detected PIR” checked as well but it was picking up too much activities on the street and not enough when someone or something is on the driveway. I tried lowering sensitivity, deactivating the center sensor, etc. I really couldn’t tell when both are checked whether it is Camera AND PIR or Camera OR PIR.

Any suggestions on how to get the floodlight to be triggered more accurately, for people and cars? Local recording and event recording accuracy is somewhat secondary.

Motion Detection of 45 on a V3 Cam (the cam on the floodlight) is a bit low. You might want to bump that up. I run all my V3 cams at 70 or above.

These may be in the very edge of the DZ. You may need to add a block to the edge because of how it determines the Overlap Logic.

The Detected by PIR recording doesn’t adhere to the DZ. Only the Cam Motion.

Increase the sensitivity.

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Thanks! Will try increasing the sensitivity. I lower it because my other Cam Floodlight is set to 50% and it is working just fine being in a less than ideal location (15-16 ft off the ground)

I included my Event Recording settings but forgot to mention in my experience Event Recording and Flood Light control behave differently even though the settings were the same for both. Something would record but the lights would not come on. I am beginning to suspect the PIR sensors may be defective in my unit.

Yes. They will behave differently. The floodlight control is set at a more sensitive threshold so that the lights come on prior to a Motion Event Upload so that the image is recorded with the lights on.

That makes sense but my experience is the opposite; something would record but the lights would not come on.

:thinking: interesting. Not sure why that would be the case. I got rid of all my PIR floodlight \ Cam Combos and went to the Floodlight Pros.

May I ask why?

I could have chosen either one. Obviously the older version cost less but I also picked it because PIR is such a tried and true tech, I didn’t expect that it would be a problem. If anything I was expecting the camera detection to not work as well but I have had decent experience with motion tracking on other Wyze cams so I thought it is worth a try. And trying it has been

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On the V1 Floodlight, the cam puts out Active IR from the cam in Night Vision. Because of that, it makes the Passive IR sensor hyper sensitive due to reflection so close to the cam.

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