Floodlight Cam Event Record

Floodlight not retaining Event Recording setting for Detects Motion. I set it to record events when motion is detected. I return later the this setting is off. Sometimes the setting will hold for a day and I will get events recorded (raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, etc.) Other times it is turned off within and hour.

I have a high quality micro SD card. This cam is able to format it and it does record to it as i have recording always on. I have tested this card in other cams without issue and with the same settings. Firmware and App versions are current. I am not using CamPlus.

Photos: First photo shows it Detects Motion set to on (yes, I have tried it both with PIR on and off with the same negative results). Second photo shows it off when I return later to check the setting.

Wyze support has been completely useless and a waste of time. Reaching out here to see if anyone else has experienced this issue. Any help would be extremely appreciated.

Photo 1 - Detects Motion set to on:

Photo 2 - Detects Motion automagically turned off:

Toggle off detects motion

Go to account>app settings>clear app cache to 0 and force close app

Open it up again and toggle it on and see if the action sticks

Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I have done this very thing several times and no change in behavior. Another odd thing is when I do this, as well as at other times, the Event Recording–>Detects Motion doesn’t always display the PIR Motion setting.