Event recording will not stay selected

First off during the trial period the camera worked perfectly so I decided to subscribe. Now when I select Event Recording, Record Motion Events, it captures 1 event and deselects itself. I then have to select Record Motion Events again and it will record 1 event and deselect again. It records sounds, which I’m not interested in because it’s mounted outside and I live in a very windy area so I get sound notifications every 5 minutes. Any idea’s why Record Motion Events doesn’t stay selected?

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The problem may not be with the cam but the app updating settings changes to the server so that the server then conveys them to the cam.

First, make sure you have the most up to date firmware on the cam and app version. Then make sure your cam is assigned to your Cam Plus subscription in the Services settings. Next verify that you haven’t created any rules that would “Turn Off Motion Detection” on that cam as an action.

You may need to resync everything with new server settings to get it to stick.

  1. Clear the App Cache in the App Settings
  2. Sign out in Account
  3. Close the App
  4. Force Close the app in the Android App Info (long press the icon an click the App Info or the “I”)
  5. Unplug your cams
  6. Restart the phone
  7. Plug in your cams after at least 30s
  8. Sign into the app
  9. Open the cam, and the settings, toggle on the Record Motion Events
  10. Exit all the way back to the home device list, close the app, reopen, and see if the setting stuck.

Thank you for the suggestion. I followed all the steps through number 10. After exiting closing the app and reopening the setting was still on. Unfortunately after recording 1 event record motion events shuts off. As I said I can select record sound and it will record something every 5 minutes, it’s just the video that won’t stay selected.

Interesting. Just need to clarify something so I understand.

After the steps and the restart, when you went back into the Event Recording, the Record Motion Events was still toggled on. The cam recorded and uploaded 1 motion event to the events tab.

The toggle actually reverts to the off position when you recheck it or it just doesn’t upload any more motion events even though the toggle stays on?

Is the one uploaded Event a motion only event or is it a Smart Detection AI tagged event? Do you have any Smart Detections enabled? Will it allow you to enable Person, Pet, Vehicle & Package in the Smart Detection settings?

What is the current cam Firmware version and the App version?

  1. Yes, the toggle reverts to the off position after 1 event is captured.
  2. It is a smart detection Ai tagged event. I have selected person, package and pet. During the trial vehicle was also selected but it picked up my cars parked in the driveway so I deselected it.
  3. Firmware: Plugin version:

As I said before the app worked great during the trial period. After the trial period I couldn’t find the yearly price and only the monthly price so I cancelled it. A few hours later I found the yearly price and subscribed. Since then I have had this problem. Thank you for your help.

Have you updated the app to the newest version just released and tested it again?

You might try to unassign the Cam from the Cam Plus license you have it on, then go thru the steps again and test that toggle before reassigning it back to the Cam Plus license.

As a last resort, deleting the cam and reinstalling it is also an option.

I did the delete and reinstall, it still did the same thing. I created a new account using the same software and now on the trial it’s recording video every 5 minutes. It seems to be something with the license because I am still using the same software and now it’s working recording every 5 minutes because there is always some motion in my front yard.

I need to remount the camera and then I will do another trial period and see if it works as it should.

So I created a new user account and subscribed for a one-month period. I changed absolutely nothing with the software. The camera works as it should now, it no longer deselects “Record Motion Events” after capturing one event. There seems to be something wrong with the license activating the software.

This issue is a bug that Wyze has since acknowledged and is actively working on fixing. The last update:

There has also been an App Update since you last posted.