Event Recording Setting Keeps Turning off

Been noticing lately that the Event Recording setting to detect motion keeps turning off randomly on all my cameras. I’m not unplugging the cameras. I do have two shortcuts, one turns all the cameras on and one turns all the cameras off.


Do you by chance have teen age kids or a partner that could be doing it? Maybe accidentally?

There is nobody else that is changing my camera settings.

I’m using the Beta app and occasionally find that following a firmware Update, various camera settings sometimes change. My experience is that following a firmware update I need to check the settings for the cameras. I need to do a better job of writing down these changes when I find them. I have six cameras. About once a month something changes that I didn’t expect.

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I have noticed on mine that if the camera is not fully connected when I go to the settings screen or if it disconnects while I am in there the settings will seem to take but not be there when I go back in to check.

That’s good to hear. I see some other folks have given some input. Anything strike you as possible? If not perhaps openIng a support ticket might be a good idea?

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This doesn’t happen after an app update. And after I’ve made the settings change, I’ll go back later to ensure it’s still set in the cameras. But every so often somehow the setting get turned off on all the cameras. I still think it might have something to do with the shortcuts.

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I would agree that it sure “feels” like it’s shortcut or rules related. Maybe try disabling your existing rules one at a time?

I shouldn’t have to disable anything for it to work as advertised. I’ve had issues in the past with shortcuts and now this. And this is why I wish Wyze would stop making new products and focus on fixing issue with current products!


Are you waiting till the cameras connect to live view before you go into each cameras setting? But since you said “all my cameras”, I think it may be something else. If you go into the rules history, does it show anything of note? Do you have any cameras shared to anyone else?

Yes I wait until the cameras are live. I first noticed this issue because nothing was being recorded, when it should have been. I don’t know where the rules history is, so I can’t check it. And again, no I no one else is sharing my cameras or has access to my passwords.

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Well I can agree that “you should not have to” I am also somewhat of a realist so I pretty much play with the hand I am dealt.

I am happy to help, but I can’t help you if you don’t want to participate. Hope things go well for you.

Just turned off all 7 of my cameras via the shortcut, then checked each camera and all of them had Detects motion turned off under the Event Recording section. So the issue is with the shortcuts, I just can’t figure out what. Oh and I only have two shortcuts, one for Away and one for Home.

Found the Rules History and all the cameras with the Away shortcut turned on said there was a motion detection error. The Away shortcut is suppose to turn on the cameras and turn on motion detection.

Same problem here, no event recording, was working OK yesterday. I notice a spider had made a web over the outside camera setting motion detection off every few minutes. Then motion detection stopped and has not restarted after I cleared the web from camera. So does Wyze disable motion detection if it activates too much?

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I suspect, “no”.

Have you performed a cam restart to see if that corrects it? Wyze app → choose cam → Settings → Restart button

yes at least three times now

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