Event recording turning itself off

I have 6 Wyze cam2 cameras that are all doing the same thing. Event recording is turning itself off in every camera. I am using IFTTT but use it only for notifications. It is always every camera, never just one or two. I’m on the latest beta release and all the cameras are on Any ideas as to what could be causing it?

I would check the settings and make sure under Event Recording it is set to all day and the other settings are set to on

They are all set the same to all day. Had them I’ve over 2 years so this is a recent issue

The switch is on in this pic but 3, 4 or 5 days from now it will turn itself off

Do you share access with anyone else, or do you run firmware updates around the time it changes and turns off

How many IFTTT applets do you have? Able to double check them to make sure one of them doesn’t disable that function? Also check your Wyze rules for the same. I remember someone else having this issue on here and they fixed it by finding a renegade rule they made and forgot about. Good luck!


Thank you. Yes I have checked my IFTTT rules and those within Wyze but none are set to turn off event recording. The IFTTT rules are geofencing to turn off/on notifications and the Wyze rules are basically the same if for some reason the IFTTT geofence didn’t work for some reason.

Someone else asked about others I’ve shared cameras with. I do have 3 of the 6 shared but I can’t see any correlation since usually all 6 are turned off when I look but sometimes (rarely) it is only a few and some not even shared. The other person is not on the same software as I am since I use the most recent beta software, could that be an issue? Wouldn’t think so but…

I’m not sure how to go about resolving, It is very frustrating.

Check your rules to see if you have any that are causing the event notifications to turn on. I had an issue with a rule that I set my event notifications to turn off at a certain time… Somehow that caused the event notifications to turn itself back on each day even if I manually turned off event notifications.

@rpreichard1 Also do you have two usernames for some reason?

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I have the same problem of setting up the event recording. It does not let me turn on either Detects motion or Detects sound. It displayed the Camera Not Connected while the wyze cam is streaming.