2 of my V2s no longer detecting motion and ''event recording'' setting resetting on their own

Ive been having these issues ever since the latest update. I noticed after the update, 2 of my cameras which had the most activity, suddenly stopped sending me notifications. I checked under ‘‘events’’ and there wasnt any activity from those 2 cameras.
I go check me ‘‘event recording’’ settings and notice that it changed from ‘‘all day’’ to 8pm to 8pm. and detects motion has been disabled. I go ahead and change them back to all day and enable detect motion, This fixes things. I get notifications and events in my log again. However, this only works for about 1/2 a day. When I stop getting notifications again, I go check my event settings and notice that its changed back to 8pm to 8pm and motion detection turned off again. I change them and the next day it reverts back by itself. Ive been literately changing the settings over and over for 2 weeks now. They just keep reverting back by themselves. Im not sure if this is the reason why my detection has been on and off, but I think they 2 are related.
Ive tried power cycling both cameras and unplugging both. Im still having the same issue. Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone have a solution?

Same issue here. No longer receiving my usual alerts :frowning:
No event recording is occurring either.

Are your settings resetting themselves too?

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no, settings stay in place.

@chucktaylur and @jmaturner, are you both still having the same issue?

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I had the same issue : Account > Notifications > “Send Notifications” set for motion but not receiving any for motion.
Found out the toggle for “Detects motion” was off in the “Device settings” of the camera (select camera, top right Gear icon > Event Recording)
Watch for the Schedule setting just above as well !
Between the IFTTT applets, the Alexa routine and all of the Wyze settings, it gets complicated not to get your wires crossed :stuck_out_tongue:

Heck, just tracking the Wyze settings can be a confusing pain,

I have a problem with my PAN CAM that is similar. If I turn on a “DETECTION ZONE”, no matter what the sensitivity, I get no events recorded (and yes it has “Detects Motion” set to ON under “Event Recording”). If I turn OFF the “DETECTION ZONE”, it starts recording on motion as designed. The problem is at night, lights set this thing off too much to use. All firmware, and the Android App is up-to-date too. I just left detection zone off for now, and the events will flood in at night.

Any update on this issue? I have two cameras that
Reset the event recording settings. I have to regularly check to ensure settings are set th the way I want it.