Event recording setting "detects motion" keeps turning off each morning

I want my two CamV2s it to detect motion events ALL the time, They were both working well for many months. In the last several weeks I’ve noticed that on one of the Cams every morning the “Detect Motion” event setting has been turned OFF, If I turn it back on then if works all day but by the next morning it’s off again.
I’m not sure what started this behavior. I had changed some things - for example I experimented with various sound detection settings but have now reverted to not using sound events.
This is hard to debug because it only reverts once each day. I haven’t been using rules or schedules.
I’m using android app v2.31.0(145)

Is it possible you have a Rule setup which could be turning it off. Or maybe an Alexa or Google Home Routine?

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