Wyze cam Pan V2 stops detecting motion

I have several cameras and only this one seems to be having this issue. I look at events and notice they stop. Log in to camera and Record and event when camera Detects Motion is turned off. I turn it back on. By the next day, I have to turn it back on. Schedule says “All Day”. I have not set a schedule for this camera (or any of my other ones). I have tried rebooting, power cycling, delete, factory reset, re-add.
Still keeps happening. It’s not so much failing to detect motion as that works… until it shuts that “Detects Motion” slider off … by itself.
What else can I try?

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When did this start happening?


I noticed it not long after we set it up. We set it up to try to see which of our old dogs was peeing in the kitchen. We’d come home, find pee, check events… nothing. Then discover Detect Motion was off… at first I thought I had turned it off accidentally. Turn it on… next day it’s off again. I swore the dogs had figured out how to disable the camera.
Right when I posted this original topic, I had to turn Detect Motion on again. While doing that, I also looked and Schedule said “All Day”. I clicked on it anyway just to check, and in that next screen where you set the start and stop times for a schedule, the times were there and the “All Day” slider was OFF! So on the initial settings screen Schedule appeared to be set for All Day, but clicking on Schedule showed that was not apparently the case. I have not set a schedule on this camera since doing a factory reset (deleted the device, factory reset, re-added device and gave it a new name, just in case)
So… I still don’t know who’s peeing in the kitchen. :smiley:

Checked again this morning. I have events up to 4:59am. Then they stop. Checked Detects Motion. It’s OFF again. Had to turn it back on. None of my other cameras do this. I had tested running it on a schedule when I first set it up. It was not working as intended, so I turned off the schedule (Set it to All Day). It was still messing up (turning off motion detection) so that’s when I deleted the device, factory reset, re-added.
Is there a remnant of that schedule lurking about somewhere?

What was the schedule that you made? Did it end at 5:00 p.m.?

I know you said you don’t have any schedule made, but do you have any rules set for that camera?

No schedule and no rules.
The schedule I set up to try it, I believe may have been active from 10pm to 5am.
But, again, I have factory reset this camera and there are no schedules or rules on it.
That’s why I’m wondering if any schedule or rules, for that matter, are stored ONLY on the actual camera or if there is some association with my account and the camera “checks in” and picks up a schedule that no longer is supposed to exist.

Following up on this. I was up at 4:45am this morning so I checked the misbehaving camera. Motion Detection was working. At precisely 5am Motion Detection turned itself off.
So I created a Rule with a start time of 5:05am and no end time, to turn on Motion Detection.
At 5:05am Motion Detection turned on.
Kind of a work-around for something that shouldn’t be happening in the first place. I still don’t know WHY it shuts off Motion Detection at 5am, but at least now it turns back on.

Did your problem get resolved? I am having the same problem with my Cam Pan v2. I have done everything Support has instructed and the same results. I have to reboot the cam, I will get 1-3 motion detections within 10-20 min, then nothing more after that. But my detection is not getting turned off, it just stops working. This is the only cam having problems like this out of my 12 cams. However, this is the only Cam Pan v2 I have running.