Cams drop event recording set point

I have 2 v2 and 1 Pan and I can set event recording for motion but after 20 hours or so the cam just “rejects” on motion setting thus recording nothing. Has anyone else experienced this problem or is there a solution that I’m not utilizing?

The cams are for checking in on my animals and their caretakers and I can’t get them to stay in the setting.

Try, Uninstall the app Then reinstall it , and see if that fixes it

you don’t have any automatic shortcuts setup do you?

No short cuts whatsoever! It’s odd.

are the settings themselves changing? or is record motion and all that still marked on but the camera isn’t picking it up?

The settings are changing. The slider is back to default position but the push notification slider is still selected. It just happened again. It was on and recording at 4pm EST but at 10:30pm EST it was no longer recording on motion.

Settings Changing back by themselves Is not uncommon I’ve had it happen with several different settings Not happening to me right now though .Not in quite a while
Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the app

Yes, I did that but it continues. I’ll just be a bit more vigilant and keep tabs on it.

Try killing the app first Then opening it And setting the motion Detection on.
Try restarting your phone too But anyway, You should probably send a support request With logs

Will try all of this. Thank you

Are all you cameras doing this or just your Cam pan Because I was playing with my Cam pan that I don’t use that often And it wasTurning motion detection off on its own

Just the pan cam. And after I did that last night it changed its own time setting from all day to 8pm to 8pm. It’s mildly annoying.

Mine Did exactly the same thing