Fix for pan cam recording only old event -FYI

After connecting a motion sensor one pan cam suddenly started notification of motion events, all of which were the same 2 day old clip. Did this on sensor events and cam motion events but did continuous record just fine. Submitted a ticket but given how jammed support is I decided to start from the beginning and restart, power cycle,factory reset etc…
Turns out restart device cured the problem.
Think you saw this early on @Loki.


New related problem…different cam, this time for motion sensor driven events only. Shows same clip for every sensor triggered event. Cam triggered motion events are fine. @Loki - tagged you on the earlier issue - this is similar but this time triggered by sensor.

Have you tried force quit or uninstall/reinstall of the app?

Force quit but not delete and reinstall. But,as is part for the course, it is now working again.
I’ve learned to force quit as a matter of practice.
Thanks for the reply - if anything else develops I’ll post again.

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