Floodlight Cam Didn't Record but Floods came On

So tonight my Wyze Floodlight had numerous events where the floods came on but it didn’t record anything. My other cameras picked up the light events. My settings were to record motion events with the PIR sensor on for all motion events. It did have a blank event but it was a frozen black screen. And as I am writing this it just did it again and didn’t record the event.

Why do I keep having so many issues with Wyze products?!

I ended up turning off the wall switch to reboot the floodlight that way. It seemed to fix things but then had another event where the floods came on but it didn’t record anything. Probably didn’t record because I had the PIR sensor on in the settings and apparently that will record if the motion is detected but the PIR. Makes no sense to me that the floods come on with no recording, seems like if the PIR isn’t sensing something to record then the floods shouldn’t come on. Either way, having to reboot the floodlight via the wall switch would have been a pain had I been away on vacation as there would have been no way to reboot it other than via the app, which didn’t fix it. Having smart plugs works for my other plug in cameras but isn’t possible with the floodlight.