Camera on floodlight quits recording events

Odd issue with a Wyze floodlight camera. It’s almost like clockwork, after about 3-4 days the camera on the floodlight quits recording events (I can walk right up to it and nothing is recorded). Resetting the camera within the app clears the issue, and camera works normally for another 3 or 4 days. Then I repeat.

Camera is set up to “filter by pir” so I can avoid nuisance trips from the road. When the camera quits working correctly, the floodlight still trips fine with its pir sensor. The camera issue happens both during the daylight and night.

There’s no indication when the problem happens, so I don’t know when I have to reset the camera until I notice it not recording me if I walk by it. Kind of annoying problem, and doesn’t give me much faith when I’m out of town.

Any ideas out there? Anyone else having the same issue?

Update: Recent software update fixed my issues.