Cameras Randomly Stop Recording Events

I have quite a few cameras and I have been noticing over the past few weeks or month that cameras stop recording events. Restarting the camera via the app seems to fix the problem for a while at least. This is hard to detect because I have so many cameras it takes a few days before I notice. Again it’s not any particular camera but seems to be all of them (at two locations). Anyone else notice this?

I have noticed this from time to time but have not been able to narrow down a specific cause. As a result I have created a rule to once a day restart the cameras and this has fixed the issue I had.

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I have had this exact same thing every night since the latest update to the Wyze app (IOS). I monitor my Son while he sleeps (he’s 1yo), and what I’ve observed is that the app data rate drops to 0kb/sec. I have to completely close the app, and re-launch, and then it continues streaming. For me its not the camera, its the app (I’ve tried re-installing, but same problem. This only started with the latest update).

I have 3 Wyze cam v2s. One works perfectly. The other two stopped recording events and sending notifications. They are connected and do record continuously. If I restart the cameras through the App, they function properly for a day or so then stop recording events and sending notifications again. This behavior has been occurring for about 2 months.

Have the same issue. This only happens to cameras that record frequently (cameras pointing out doors that accumulate >30 clips a day). Have to restart the camera to get the clips recording again.

Maybe try downloading the latest firmware file from the Wyze website and manually re-flashing that onto the camera - even if it is the same version as the camera already reports running.

I had the exact same frustrating symptoms you describe ( no notifications, and no event clips being recorded, but continuous recording to the SD card working fine, and a reboot fixes it for just a couple of days ) with one of my V2 cams about a month or two ago, and it has been fine ever since the manual re-flashing. I believe the problem appeared right around the time of a firmware version update. And it was the cam that recorded the most clips per day.

Also, I believe that the daily auto-reboot recommended by @ Jason21271 is a very good idea on general principles.


I’ve suspected something like this although I don’t really know, Almost all my cameras are trained on the outside. It’s as if Wyze is purposely disabling/limiting events. I am always trying to minimize events but sometimes it’s just not possible with the tools they give us. And some of the cameras really don’t generate that many but still drop recording at times.

What I’ve done is taken the suggestion to restart the cameras daily. I’m not sure if this will keep the cameras from not recording events but it will limit the period they are down.

If Wyze allowed us to ignore short events (like insects or flashes or light) and more control over the areas being monitored my events would go down greatly.


Thanks for your suggestion. Most of my cameras are remote and/or mounted so this would be hard to do. If it were just one or two cameras then I might consider this despite this. I’ll keep it in mind though in case things get worse.

I am using app version 2.11.40 (Not Beta) on Android and iOS (iPad 2.11.41) this has been happening to me for a WHILE.
I have two Wyze Cams, recording to an SD card. Both have firmware

I haven’t written anything since I first bought these camera in Nov and Dec of 2019. I just thought it was a new camera, new software, small company and to give them a shot.

However, recently there has been someone tampering with our sprinkler system and we haven’t been able to grab a recording of this person (the camera is in a window, yes I know not the best use of it) but we at least want to find out when this person is doing this.

The problem happens randomly. I could start the app and see recordings. Then start the app a few days later and see that no recordings were made since the last time the app was opened.

As others noted, restarting the device seems to restore order but remembering to do this every day is a pain.

Also, I have completely lost connection to the cameras. There’s no wifi outage or power problem to note, it just HAPPENS. I may see a pop up on my phone saying “no access to camera” or something similar.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact cause of these issues. They just HAPPEN. And to make it worse, it’s not noted until you NOTICE IT. It would be nice if there’s an alarm triggered that says “Hey, you haven’t been recording for 30 minutes”.

These wyze cameras are not a reliable device to use as a security camera, they frequently do not record events. I am looking for something that can do the job, granted it will cost alot more but you get what you pay for, in wyzes case a toy!