Event recording on one camera out of five quits recording events

We have five WYZE cameras. Only one them quit recording events last Thursday, the live feed still worked fine. I unplugged the camera, let it sit for 30 seconds, plugged it back in, and it started working fine (performing event recordings). The other four cameras remained working normal - no problem.

Seven days later, the same camera quit event recording again, live feed works fine. Also, the other four cameras work fine.

Any suggestions besides unplugging it every Thursday?

Set up a scheduled rule to reset that can (or all your cams) on a certain day? I have this to reset all my cams at an odd hour of the day.

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Edit/ here is my scheduled rule.

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Next time this happens Submit a Log File to Support. (From App: Help and Feedback/Submit A Log. Should be done immediately after problem occurs and specify the specific cam).
This will give them data to help isolate your issue. Note that if you are using a beta so this will go to the dev team, not tech Support and you probably will not receive a response.