Event Recording and Notifications Not Working

I have 3 Wyze Cameras, 2 V2 Cams and 1 Pan Cam. I enrolled in Beta and ever since nothing has been working properly. This has been going on for months, I cannot consistently get event recordings/notifications to work for all cameras. Typically a reboot resolves the issue, but when I reboot one, it stops event recording for another camera. Event recording will work for a few hours and then stop altogether again. I was considering subscribing to CMC but I would be wasting my money since events are not being captured to trigger CMC recordings. I’ve played around with settings on each of the cameras, disabled/enabled detection zones, and nothing works consistently. Ended by beta subscription and went back to commercial version, but that didn’t fix anything. It’s starting to get very frustrating. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

I helped a guy last night with his that wouldn’t record at all. Tried a few different things to see what it could be but wasn’t able to really figure it out. He had yet to delete the camera and install it again and once he did, he was able to get event recording to work. That could do the trick

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