No event recording throughout night?

Desperately looking for help here….
WYZE seems to not record events when exited from the app for a while.

I went to bed/put my phone down at 11:45 PM, it’s now 2:22 AM. And the only event recording I have is the last one recorded at 11:30 PM.

I have now woken up, and the event recordings have continued starting at 2:26 AM.

It seems to be when the app is exited for a while, WYZE does not send notifications/record events. This is thus resulting in no event recordings throughout the night since we are not active on our phone/WYZE app.

Please help!

Anybody having or had these issues?
Seems to me that a dormant WYZE app and phone (I.e when sleeping) records no events. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a camera!

I haven’t experienced this issue ever. So far as I know, the Wyze app doesn’t have anything to do with event recording once everything is set up. The cameras will do their thing so long as they have access to WiFi and power.

Have you checked the settings for the cameras after not using the app for a while? For example, checking the event recording settings/notification settings? I have heard of cameras that are on Cam Plus sometimes acting like they aren’t (with enforced cooldowns and no cloud recordings). On the iOS app at least if a camera is like that the settings will initially show as if you don’t have Cam Plus active (showing 5 minute cooldown and only a single frame vs. video for events). Going out of the settings and back in makes the cam plus settings reappear. If that is happening to you, try removing the affected cameras from Cam Plus and saving changes and then adding them back again.

If that doesn’t work, I suggest posting more details about your setup. What mobile OS are you using? What version of the app? Are you enrolled into the betas for the app/cameras, etc.?

Of course if you really need help, reach out directly to Wyze support. These forums tend to be for customer-to-customer support.


Cam Event Recording isn’t dependant on your app being open or your phone even being on. It is a Cam\Cloud connection that facilitates this.

I close my app at night and plug my phone in. At that time, my phone goes into Do Not Disturb so I am not awakened by any notifications.

During that time, my Wyze cams continue to record to the SD and also record Events to the cloud. However, I will not see ANY notifications on my phone UNTIL I unplug it in the morning and it comes out of DND when all the notifications that came in thru the night will flood the notifications list.

Check that your phone isn’t going into sleep mode or DND so that you aren’t getting the notifications.

If you aren’t getting any events showing in the events tab, check the filters to be sure all the cams and event types are properly selected.

If you aren’t getting any events recorded, check to be sure there aren’t rules active that might be shutting off Event Recording or Notifications on a schedule. Also be sure the bell :bell: icon on the home page isn’t toggled off.

Lastly, be sure that the cam hasn’t lost connection to the WiFi during that time. A loss in WiFi will cause a loss in events although the SD recordings will continue.


I thank you for your response and input. I am running on iOS. Would you be able to guide me regarding checking the info for DND? That’s a new term to me :slight_smile:

Whoops, I’m assuming Do Not Disturb.
I do not have any Rules set. Would you suggest in doing so?

Yes… Do not Disturb. Sorry, I am an Androidian and haven’t used iOS since 2012. I would just be having you push all the buttons randomly to see what happens!:rofl: Not going to be able to help you w\ iOS settings.

Rules are useful if there is something you want to automate on a schedule. Some users have set rules to turn off Motion Recording or Notifications and then forgotten about them. I just wanted to make sure you ruled that out as a possibility in your troubleshooting.

If these are local cams, you can test them by closing the app and manually triggering the cams w\ forced motion to see if they record events and notify you.

Assuming your initial post is accurate, Do Not Disturb (or the various focuses from iOS 16) would not stop your cameras from recording events, All a focus like Do Not Disturb would do is disable your seeing notifications for events as they happen. They would still record and still appear in the list of notifications.

Since you don’t have any rules set up, you should probably talk with support if you haven’t already.