No event recording after 5PM

I have multiple Wyze v2 cameras. One of which is at a different location than our primary residence. This particular camera is not recording any events after 5PM. Consistently, the last event I am seeing is 4:57PM or about that time. I have checked all the rules and routines (Alexa) and nothing is assigned to this camera. I dont have any rules for any cameras. Just our Wyze Plugs have rules. This camera has the latest firmware update that came just last week. I have it set to Night Vision Mode: Auto, Night Vision IR Lights Off. (because this camera is pointing out a window and the glare from the lights makes it useless with the IR lights). Live Stream works just fine 24-7.
Any suggestions on what else I can check to get activity recordings after 5PM?

Welcome to the Forum Community, @wyo1661. Sorry about your issue!
Check to see if you have this set correctly:
Home Screen/Cam/Settings(Gear Icon)//Event Recording set to all Day, or your desired schedule.

Failing that, I would suggest trying Power Cycling the cam.

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Thanks for the response. I made sure the Schedule was set to All Day awhile back when I first noticed this was happening. I then changed it to 12:01AM - 11:59PM but that seems to have had no impact. I’ll change it back to All day.
I’ll try Power Cycling next time I am there.

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