App only showing events from about 5pm on every day, no rules set?

Had 4 V2 wyze cams running for a couple of years, I don’t check them all the time, some are cam plus, some have SD cards, but right now the app is only showing evening events when I know stuff is happening in and around the house all day. No rules are set, cams are set to all day recording. Is there some setting I’m missing?

UPDATE: fiddled with the app more and if I drag up in the events list for a day it will load more events - but only the next two hours or so. Makes sense I guess but if it’s a bandwidth thing it would be nice to see some sort of timeline or overview, no? Is this how it works for everyone?

The number of events displayed is not based on time. The Wyze app initially loads 20 events and another 20 for each swipe-up.

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The swipe-up sometimes works, but most times fails to load. Most days I can only scroll to around 2PM or Noon and then it stops loading more now matter what I do. Trying to find a 4AM video and can’t scroll to it is very frustrating indeed!!

I scroll to the bottom to the last in the line visible event, then drag up from the bottom and hold until you see the buffering sign then more should populate after a moment.

I’m on the iOS app, and scrolling to bottom quickly shows the loading thing then it goes away. Then if you try to scroll down again nothing happens. Maybe this is a bug only on iOS

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Happens on Android too. Doesn’t matter how many times i swipe up nothing more loads. I can’t see any events older than 2 hours.