Events Not Updating Properly

After these last updates to the app my events are not updating properly. When I get up in the mornings I like to check any events that happened over night but the new days events are not shown even though I have notifications of events. The new Day events doesn’t show up in the app until 10am or so. Not seeing any posts of anyone else having this issue. Any suggestions?

Not sure why there isn’t a category for the app. Please move if I missed it.


Welcome @charlieb , I am a community Volunteer. Can I ask if you are using an iOS device? If so, there is an issue Wyze is working on to get this corrected as soon as possible.

Here is the link:

Following the post above you will see a response from Wyze.

Yes I am using an iPhone 14 and it is a recent upgrade. Thanks. I had searched the forum as best as I could before posting but couldn’t find anything on this.


Not a problem. Glad I could help

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I am having same issue and have submitted trouble report. With the event date not changing on iOS, it is also ok turning off 3 of my 5 v2 cams detection zone and completely erases cam 4 detection zone. Only 1 cam was fine. Hopefully that is being fixed too. Thanks

I’m having same issue for days now. Is it turning off your detection zones too?

I am having this issue. It is still recording events but I cannot see the recordings until it rolls over

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Same here. No event cameras show when opening events. Have to close then deselect cams then select again for events and all cameras to show up. Only on the day but not a problem on previous days

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