Events Not Showing Up Anymore?

I have several old wyzecam 2’s. These are the older ones from years ago. Years ago I remember signing up for detection alerts, so in the events tab so there are notifications. I recall back then if you didn’t sign up for that, then you had to pay a monthly subscription? I use an iphone with it.

When I click on events on my iphone, it does not show today’s date even let alone any notifications. I did not do anything to my settings. Is there some glitch? All the wyzecams when I check the stream is fine. Anyone have this issue? Anyone recently not have any events showing up?

There is no subscription requirement for uploading thumbnails and to be notified of Motion Events. The subscription is only required if you want AI events, longer videos, and no cooldown period.

Not sure why your app isn’t showing you the calendar days across the top of the Events page. It should go back 14 days. Just make sure that you have Event Recording and Notifications enabled in each cam’s settings and notifications enabled for the app. You might also try to clear any filters that are set in the Events tab.

I read another post where the individual shut the app down and then went back in and they showed.

I would shut it down by swiping it up, power cycle the phone which will make sure it has restarted, then go back in and see if they are there.

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Was having the same problem and that fixed it for me.


Sounds good. Thanks for the feedback.

Compliments to @Antonius as it was their post I read.

Great find @Antonius


So this is still happening. Everyday I have to power off my iphone and then power it back on and then it would show the events for the day.

Either that or I assume you sign out of wyzecam account on iphone and then sign back in? So you have to shut down your iphone and turn it back on daily for this?

You definitely shouldn’t need to power cycle or reboot the phone. A 3rd party app can be force ended without that. A device reboot is only another way around that which force ends everything lol.

Now if a force end of the app directly doesn’t work then its an actually an iPhone issue. But, its totally possible for the app to have some issue doing whatever things it does where force ending the app gets it corrected.

So it seems everyday I still have to power off my iphone and power back on for any events to show up. So how do I fix this issue? Now say I power off my iphone and power back on after midnight. Well later in the day when I check events, it would show events. If I don’t do that after midnight and say now it is the next day, well there are no events for the current day. You have to power off iphone and power back on for today’s date to even show and thus the events for the day.

So what do I do here? I mean it isn’t that big of an issue having to shut down iphone and power it back on but having to do that everyday is a bit annoying.