Camera Notification Difficulties

I receive reasonably timely notifications for Camera events, but when I open the app, and go to events, there is nothing, even after I pull down to refresh 5 times. The only way I can see the new video snippets is to kill (ios swipe up) the Wyze app and reopen, then the video snippets appear. Is this just what I will need to do by default ? Thanks

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When I get a motion notification from iPhone iOS pop up. My events are right there ready to view. It could be your Wi-Fi. Could be your router. Or it could be an issue with your phone. I would contact support and start troubleshooting to find out exactly what the issue is. Submit a support ticket and get some help.

Just to verify, you are looking for events that occured on the same day that you are trying to view them? My first thought was that by opening the app you were viewing today’s event tab but the event was actually from yesterday, which you would click yesterday’s date to view that day. But it doesn’t sound like that, more like the day isn’t populating the events when being accessed from a notification popup. Have you tried reinstalling the app and see if still occurs? How bit atleast a phone restart? I am an Android guy so I don’t know iPhone specifics, but in general these would be my avenues of troubleshooting. Another thing would be to check with support like already mentioned above. Good luck!

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I do use iPhone and I agree with @Omgitstony.

I would turn the phone off and wait for the spiral to stop and then turn it back on and see if that fixes it. (The spiral means something is running in the background)

Secondly, I would delete the app and reinstall it and see if that fixes it.

Thirdly, I would do a hard reset of your phone. I don’t know what model iPhone you have so I can’t tell you how to do that. If you tell me what model iPhone you have I can tell you what buttons to push to do a hard reset because they change it by model.

You could also force close all of the apps that are open and see if maybe one is affecting the Wyze app.

Give some of those things a shot and see if it fixes it and if not we’ll go from there. Good luck