Notifications, but no events

I recently set up a V2 Wyze Cam and installed the iPhone app. The live view works fine, and several times a day I’ll get notifications on my iPhone of an event. However, the only thing that shows up on the Event screen of the app is a reminder of how many days I have left on my Cam Plus free trial.

Surely this can’t be normal, right?

Double check the event recordings section of the setting in the cam. It’s possible to have notifications on and recordings off.

This is all I can think of.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I can’t find any event recording section anywhere in the app or in the Wyze section of the iPhone setting app.

In the wyze app, press a camera. From the live feed, keep your phone vertical (so the image isn’t full screen) and click on the gear icon in the top right. This will bring you to the settings for the camera you selected. You should see “Event Recording”.

Once you find that, I suspect you will understand the settings.

Please check that and let us know how it’s set.

*i use an iPhone, it might be different on an android device.

Are you looking for where the cloud event videos are kept? Or camera event notification settings?

If settings, follow @shifty189s directions above.

If looking for the actual event videos, it’s in a tab off the main page. Are there any filters applied?

Screen shots will help to if you want visual aids to aid in what you want to show.

That’s odd – my “Event Recording” screen has only three items on it: a “Schedule” selection, which is set to “All day”; and two switches under the “Record an event when camera…” heading with a “Detects motion” switch, which is on, and a “Detects sound” switch, which is set to off.

Is there something I should change here, or something else that I should be seeing?

That sounds good to me. I leave sound turned on just for the heck of it.

I can’t think of anything else that could cause your problem.

Just for reference here is the screen on one of my cams

So, after resetting the camera and toggling the two check boxes on the screen that comes up after touching that funnel-shaped icon that’s in the upper right of the “Events” page, the events page now tells me that there’s “Nothing to see here”. And sure enough, after causing an event to be detected and receiving a notification that an event has occurred, there’s still no event listed on the events page.


I can’t think of anything else to try. Is there perhaps some type of “Restore to factory settings” option available that I could try.

Click today’s date. Looks like you are showing the 3rd, and events from the 5th won’t be there. Is the pond cam you are wanting to be shown? And for troubleshooting I’d remove all filters so everything is shown.

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Nice catch @Omgitstony. Before I saw your response I rebooted my iPhone (which should never be necessary, but occasionally is), and that also corrected the problem. I now understand what the dates listed on the top of the screen are for. Thanks to you and to @shifty189 for all your help in tracking this down.