APP CHANGES RECORDING SETTINGS FROM All day to no record 5pm-5pm next day and No record, no notifications?

App changes non stop the settings on all cameras from record all day, send notifications etc to no record from 5pm-5pm the next day, no record, no notifications etc. I keep changing it back all day long it will not take. My internet is fine. My wifi is smoking fast. I deleted all rules. I restarted app, cameras, modem. Nothing fixes it.
Something wrong with wyze server? Why not an apply button within the settings?
Anyone else having this problem? Did you find a solution. I have tried everything. I have sent multiple emails to support but have not recieved no response

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I have the same problem with event recording not working on “all day” setting. It appears recording feature stop recording event at night. . I unplugged and restart the camera but it has not resolved the problem.

You are probably clicking the “settings” tab too fast. Your stream should be fully loaded and viewable before you continue, If it’s not fully loaded then the settings will show up as default. Just give it like 30 sec, You should see your setting change to the real settings you have chosen for your cam :slight_smile:

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It’s true.