Wyze app not recording

I’m pretty frustrated with Wyze today. I updated the app and now nothing is recording. I still get notification events, but the update deleted all past recordings and won’t record anything new. This is my home security system and it’s disappointing that it can’t do the thing it was made to do–record events. But hey, if you want a vacuum or head phones, Wyze has you covered.

Cameras are up to date as is the base station.
Yes, I powered on and off.
Yes, wi-fi is working.
Yes, I have recording turned on.
Yes, detection settings are turned on.
This is the Android app.
I have one Wyze cam outdoor and two indoor Wyze cams.
Yes, I submitted a log and no, haven’t heard anything. Their support hasn’t impressed me in the past.

Anyone recommend another product on the market?

In regard to “won’t record anything new” are you finding new events to be lacking in motion after someone walks past the camera? Several of my cameras were recording 12 second event clips however the clips weren’t beginning until about eight seconds after the person was out of the field of view of the camera. As silly as it might sound, restarting my phone appears to have fixed the issue.

Funny, I used to have that problem but it went away. Now, nothing saves so when I tap on Events, I see “Nothing to see here.” This, after getting several new event notifications.
You had one job, Wyze…

Are there any filters on in the event tab? With each update, always check settings etc to see if an update reverted somethings away from where you had it set pre update. Other folks have said that their filters were enabled and blocking events from showing after update, but they were still getting the event notifications like you are. They removed the filter and the events populated. What app version are you on?

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I also encountered a problem manually recording in the android app.

I can record Live just fine.

When I attempt to record from playback, everything looks fine until I hit stop, and there’s no confirmation popover text saying the video was saved.

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