V2 camera stops uploading after a couple days

Hi all,

Having problems with one of my Wyze v2 cameras. It won’t upload any event clips to the cloud, even though I have triple-checked the settings in my app to confirm that it is set to record when motion detected. Restarting the camera fixes it, but only for a couple days, After a couple days it goes back to the non-uploading problem. Same thing if I reset the camera.

It still appears to record to the SD card during this time. So it seems like the camera is still picking up motion and recording locally, but for whatever reason won’t upload to the cloud after a couple days. Accessing camera live view from the app works fine too, the live feed shows up no problem.

I have several other V2s/Pan around the house, and they all appear to function as they should. All are on the latest firmware. updated via the app.

Would appreciate any advice or suggestions, thanks in advance.

Yes, very annoying issue! You can find more information in the threads below.

Basically some people have resolved the issue by manually reflashing the latest firmware onto the V2 camera and/or setting up a schedule to automatically have the camera reset once a day.

Thanks! I read about that too and was hoping a solution was found. I’ll try reflashing it when I get the chance, for now I’ll just set the daily reset schedule.

This particular camera does pick up a lot of activity, wonder if it’s maybe picking up too much…