Newly install Wyze Cam Floodlight, floodlight won't turn on with motion detected

I installed a Wyze Cam Floodlight last week to replaced my motion sensor floodlight. I’ve set the floodlight on turn on when sensor detect motion, I did some test and camera recording video when it detect me (person), however, it never trigger the floodlight to turn on. I can manually turn on the floodlight without any problem and I start to suspect it’s a product problem


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To better assist and without knowing what troubleshooting you have done thus far, can you provide a screen shot of your Flood Light Controls, Under Floodlight settings and provide the Firmware Version numbers of the Camera, Flood Light, and Wyze App Version.

Assuming you were testing this at night, where the built in Floodlight rules for turning the Floodlight on with motion detected by the PIR and Camera are in the “Dark”.

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I have the same concern as Meiasuri.

The Wyze floodlight replaces a older (no camera) motion sensor/floodlight. That shapes my expectations. I expect that when I approach the sensor, the lights will snap on. This should be true regardless of having a camera, or whether or not the camera is “on” within the app. However, the motion sensor seems to have no function. The lights come on from the app (if camera is on) when a person is “green boxed” and detected; or when the virtual button is pushed.

With app and camera OFF, and power to the floodlight on, the lights stay out when waving my arms in front of the fixture – at distances from a foot to 20 feet, daylight dark or dusk. There seems to be no motion (or heat or normal noise) that the “motion” sensor is functioning to detect.

Please direct me to a page with a checklist for troubleshooting. Is there a loose wire? Is the sensor itself bad? Did I forget to peel some sort of cover off a hidden lens? (Wyze documentation is the worst of any company I continue to do business with.)

I have the floodlight set to turn on when the PIR sensor detects motion.
Settings >Accessories >Floodlight >Motion is detected by PIR sensor

Note that motion will only turn on the floodlight when it’s dark outside with no other lights on nearby

I had to do the same but the turn on is so slow, I am out my door and off my deck at a walking pace before it knows I am there, pretty disappointed all in all

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Same . I’ve been very disappointed in my floodlight . It seems to not turn on when i walk past it . But it will get triggered by various motion events like light changes , bugs , spider webs , even when set to low sensitivity. It seems to not detect people very well but it gets constantly triggered by false motion events . Wyze needs to work on the floodlight

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I also have the same problem. I had tried for a few weeks to correct the problem myself. I looked online for answers, read the manual about 15 times then finally gave up. Since you guys don’t have the answer either, I’ll have count it as a waste of money/loss. The sad part as I bought 2 of these stinking things. Shame on whoever designed these “flood light/spotlights”, and decided to not provide instructions for us to use them. Unless the product is just a gaff, I don’t know.

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What issues are you having ?

Please go into details

Speaking for myself, (not jlroberts) I’d posted in May the sensor didn’t work as expected. Messing (almost at random) in the Wyze app spotlight menus switched over from camera triggers to the sensor. Which worked as expected for a month or so. In July the Wyze app failed to show the existence of the spotlight. It was no longer possible to get to the spotlight at all. Any attempt to “add” the spotlight generated errrors. The trouble shooting routines were like an Episode of BBC TV’s “IT crowd” – have you tried turning it off and back on again? Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it? Yes and yes. When the next step suggested was Would you bring down your entire WiFi network and reinstall everything – I balked. Wyze at that point agreed to send me a replacement unit. So up the ladder I go, cut out all the caulk, de-wire the old and re-wire the news, and wave my smart phone screen in front of the new camera. Bob’s my uncle! So I get to play with spotlight menus again, try to remember what settings we like. MEANWHILE my subscriptions all have to be restarted.

So, it’s “fixed” because it’s replaced. But boy howdy and oh my goodness what a hassle.

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Hi, It took me awhile but finally figured out how to set up for the floodlight turn on while detect a person.

Rules → Device triggers - “Front Porch Detects a Person”
check “enable”
-When “camera” “Detects a person”

Previously I’ve set up rule the light turn on from dusk to dawn, and it’s conflict with the flood light turn on when detect a person setting so it overwrite it.

However, I do have the same problem others have reported - it take the floodlight 3 seconds delay to turn on once it detected of a person, compare to my pervious floodlight instantly turn on.

If your floodlight has a light switch connected to it , then a quick flip of the switch and back on could reset it

Or just flipping the breaker

You didn’t have to go up their and mess with the wiring , just deleting the device from the account and adding it back would have been better

Thanks Rulwiz. That makes sense.

I did both of these things before contacting Wyze troubleshooting. Fast off-and-on at switch. Then off-wait-and-on at switch. Then repeat both experiments at breaker.

Then I repeated all these things upon the request of the Wyze team.

Then I uninstalled the camera and “added it back” – which does mean climbing the ladder and waving a phone screen with a bar code in front of the lens. So I had to try that a couple times for Wyze and report results (failure). Then I had to do it again when the replacement device came in.

I did not “mess with the wiring” during trouble-shooting and went to rather rude lengths with the support team explaining that I wanted to avoid getting into the junction box to “mess with the wiring” because the light housing had been caulked and painted. Didn’t have any real desire to take it apart. But, I wound up doing so for the replacement.

I’m okay that the replacement worked. I wish, though, the “trouble shooting” techniques had included some sort of hack to get to settings and menus that were slightly more advanced or subtle than “have you tried turning it off and back on again?”

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Does the motion light work on the replacement? I’m having similar issues. My light doesn’t turn on until you are directly next to it. Not sure if it’s defective or how its set up.

Mine don’t turn on at the highest of settings. You can touch the sensor and it will still not turn on.

The replacement seems to working with all features.

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Thanks, I’m thinking about trying to get a replacement for mine some the motion light doesn’t turn on till you’re basically past it or right next to it

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Same here. The pir sensor is very unreliable. Some days it can detect well and then other days it’s the complete opposite

One day it can detect me before I get close to it , and then the next day I have to walk right underneath it . So frustrating

i have two units that will not turn on via PIR trigger nor motion detection.

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Here are my settings.


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Do you have any rules set up ?

Also sounds like a defective unit . Have you tried procession a return