V1 flood light not recoding motion

Had a bear in our yard last not that activated our Wyze V3 flood lamp but the event was not recorded.

Thank you.

You need to provide more information, like your settings. And how far away the bear was.

The bear was approx. 20 feet from the camera. Motion light did come on. Sensitivity set at 70 and detection zone was off.
Event recoding was on. Pir sensor on and all motion events checked.
I don’t understand why the motion light activated but not the camera.

Thank you.

That’s odd, but then again last night my Wyze Flood lights came on and it didn’t record anything either. So today I checked the settings and Record Motion Events was toggled off, and I never turned it off. I also noticed that sometimes the motion grid I set on several V3 cameras toggles itself off as well. Seems to be the nature of Wyze products, guess we have to get into the habit of constantly checking our settings and/or rebooting them.