Headlight glare picked up/time starts/won't record person detection

Pardon me if I am doing this wrong or put in the wrong place. Getting older and tech isn’t as easy for some reason as used to be. I have a Wyze Cam v2 in my front window facing outside to a very nearby parking lot as well as my sidewalk and a neighbors. I have the 12 second Person detection plan. The problem is, when a car pulls in and it’s headlights glare on my sidewalk it starts its detection time. But by the time anyone gets out of their car to the sidewalk for the person detection the time has run out so the person detection isn’t recorded. During the day it’s perfect as there is no headlight glare starting the timer. Anything I can do?

Person detection starts as soon as there is significant pixel motion disruption (the headlights). To go beyond 12 seconds you would need an SD card or other plan, like Cam Plus. Let’s say you have an SD card – you would use the alert to guide you that something happened to go to the playback of the SD card to see everything that happened after the first 12 seconds.


That is what I was thinking. Yes I do have an sd card and that is how I figured it out cuz at first I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t detecting people only at night. It was the headlight glare starting the timing. Unfortunately, because of all the headlight glare I have to wait 5 minutes for any other person detection to pick up. I literally live at the end of a busy parking lot. Being on fixed income Cam Plus isn’t an option. At least now I know. Thanks for response.

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The only improvement I can see is to buy a sense motion sensor, and then turn off camera pixel motion sensing at night. That’s what I do on my driveway. No more headlight false triggers, and the 5-minute cool down drops to 1 minute. However, no person detection. But having fewer false triggers will make you take alerts more seriously.

You will need to position the motion sensor so it can’t see the street, street sidewalk, or neighbors pets, etc, but when properly positioned it will seldom false trigger. I still see the occasional cat or bird, though. But false triggers are less than 1 a day for me, often less than 1 every few days.

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I also think you are correct in all you said. Hate to have to buy a motion sensor as low income. But if it bugs me enough at least I have a plan. thank you so much for responding.