Night vision not working.... Trouble

Just arrived today from Amazon and excited to use as a baby monitor. Yes I have checked that the led lights are toggled on. I can’t see a thing. This doesn’t appear correct… Can anyone help?

Can you see IR LED’s on, on the camera itself?

Yes, faint red lights.

Can you confirm Night Vision mode is set to Auto?
If you take it out of the room, then go back into the room, can you hear a clicking noise, and see the LED’s light up? You can power the camera from a portable power back (like a battery bank for charging cell phones, if you have one), to test.

I can try when i get home from work tonight. I did try auto, on, and off modes and toggling between them all along with advanced setting of LED IR lights on/off. Manually restarting, and turning the camera on and off. I didn’t hear any clicking through all of that, but i didn’t set to auto and change ambient lighting.

Reporting back. @madtaurus. No clicking. I took a photo of the camera six inches away in a dark bathroom and pasted here. Is that all the IR light I should expect??

That looks right, There are 4 IR LED’s.

Thanks! It is definitely defective. No sound from camera either. Got replacement cam last night and it actually works, so my original was a dud

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