Black pic with white blur around it

Installed cam in garage but getting a black Pic with white blur around it. Is this normal?

Is there anything close to the front of the camera that could be reflecting the IR light? A night vision blur is often associated with things like a white enclosure that has edges that extend beyond the lens. The IR light reflects back into the lens, and you get a cloudy white blur.

As far as being a black pic, the IR lights are rated to 30 feet (9m), but in reality only illuminate well about 20 ft. (in my experience). How large is your garage?

After a few posts you will be authorized to upload pics – when we see one, we may be able to guess better.

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@Elaleman, I have increased your forum trust level, so you may now post a photo of what you’re seeing from that camera. That should help diagnose what’s wrong.


Did you pull the plastic cover?

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Spider web/Cobwebs, I’ve seen it on my cams at nite and occasionally have to give them a burst of canned air duster to clean them off.
Hope it helps you.