Wyze cam at night too dark after latest update

Please see attached for comparison. Why are my cams suddenly so much darker?

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What firmware version do you have? Also, is it using a Floodlight or spotlight or something?

The only thing I can think of off-hand is that the latest firmware: 436.9.131 had a note related to the Wyze Cam Floodlight where they made an update that:

Reduced face overexposure when the floodlight is turned on

And I can see that it appears to be reducing the overexposure on your near plants (that used to be overexposed and white on the older pictures), but it is doing so at the expense of the background.

It might be worth posting your examples in the Fix-It-Friday event this coming weekend so they can see a real example of how it is affecting some in unintended ways (assuming it is this causing it).


In addition to carverofchoice’s suggestions, check “Night Vision IR Lights” setting in Advanced Setting. Maybe this setting got switched form Far to Near?

So at each corner of my roof, I have a Wyze floodlight cam v3 point one way, and a non-floodlight V3 pointing the other. The actual floodlights point in either direction for each cam. The screens I posted are from 2 of the floodlight cams. The other non-floodlight cams are not showing the issue. And it happened to at least two of the the floodlight cams, the night after I updated the firmware to

Reducing overexposure at the expense of the background is exactly the problem, thanks for articulating that!

Regarding the Night Vision settings, am I incorrect in assuming that since the images are in color, night vision (and hence IR) is not active? Or does that still have a affect on image exposure, regardless? To answer your question though, it is set to “far” on both cams shown.



It has no effect. I don’t know what I thinking. :rofl: :confused: :pensive:

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