Floodlight + 2nd V3 Cam Night Vision Issue

Installed the Wyze Floodlight with camera + a 2nd V3 camera with spotlight for my neighbor. Floodlight covers backyard & 2nd camera covers side of house. What is happening is that at night, the 2nd V3 camera night vision shows large black area in Live View or recordings after a couple of days. It worked fine for 2 days and this the issue showed up. I have factory reset, then set up again - works fine for a couple of days and then the black area shows up again!. I took one of my cameras that has worked fine for months and switched it with this camera - again it worked fine for 2 days and then the nasty black area shows up!! Presently I have shut off the night vision since there is adequate light to show side of house.
The floodlight camera has worked flawless since installation - it is only the camera that is plugged into 2nd USB port on floodlight that is causing this issue.
Any ideas as to what could be causing this - there is a 3rd camera out front and it works fine!


I am sorry this is happening, is there a chance you could post a photo of what you are seeing?


Will have to do a screen shot later on neighbor’s phone & post

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Could it be the camera lens is dirty ?

Lens was cleaned - occurs on 2 different cameras.

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That’s weird , has it been damaged ? Did you drop it before you set it up or something

Also you should post some screenshot of the live feed with the black screen thing that you’re talking about

Here is image from Wyze V3 cam that is hooked into the Wyze Floodlight 2nd USB port. This is with the Night Vision Mode turned On. I have factory reset / new setup of camera + replaced camera with one of mine that I knew worked. For a couple of days after installing both cameras, the night vision worked as it should - then both cameras revert to view in photo no matter what I do. This camera does have a spotlight attached & turning it on has no impact!
I have now shut off the night vision on this camera - fortunately, there is enough light that she can see side of her house. The other two cameras have no issue with Night Vision!! Connecting the camera alone [removing Y connection for camera / spotlight] has no impact on this issue.
Any ideas to what could be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

This is because the camera is pointed towards the wall. The IR is reflecting off the wall and washing out everything else. Try tilting it to the left more and see if it helps.


Thanks - will adjust camera & see if that helps issue.

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Finally got time to adjust the camera - directed it away from house and Night Vision works well. Thanks for the tip - not sure I would have picked up on this!


Glad you got it!

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