Wyze Cam Floodlight v2 Firmware Beta Test 5/22/2024


What’s New:

  • Fixed intermittent device offline issues.
  • Fixed an intermittent microSD card playback screen flickering issue.
  • Fixed an overly dark auto exposure issue at night.
  • Added microSD card failure notification.

I am having similar dark auto exposure issue on my Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro.

See my post from yesterday on this issue.
How do I get this fixed?

sidebar, it would be awesome if we could tweak autoexposure on our cams !!

That’s nice. I was wondering if the floodlight V2 had starlight. Mine is dark as my old V2s.

Hey @tc10, just wanted to make sure I understand the issue correctly. You have experienced the overly dark AE issue on your Floodlight Pro (The upper screenshot you posted), but NOT on your Floodlight v2. Is it correct?

Can you submit an app log, let me know the log ID, and reboot your device to see if the issue persists?

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@WyzeHongfei Thanks for follow-up.

my Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro is the darker picture.
The brighter picture is my Wyze Cam V3 Pro about 5 feet away.

I am hoping you can tweak the auto brightness so without light on the floodlight cam is similar picture brightness to the Cam V3 Pro. Hopefully they have similar internals.

The Floodlight Pro is also darker during the day.

The top picture is the floodlight cam pro, the bottom picture is the Cam V3 Pro.
V3 Pro is just brighter and seems sharper. both good pictures though!

I have been adding a few mor4 screenshots that highlight the difference.
Monitor tab is really helpful to do this comparison.

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1427978 log

I did restart first as requested.
I had done previous resets and restarts.

I will check if it improves tonight.

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@WyzeHongfei updated

May 30
I did some testing tonight. I used sdcard and took a screenshot every 10 minutes around sunset. The video is good, then gets bad and then improves.

I am guessing that the cam is managing light level based on the whole picture rather than using AI to set the light sensor bases on the detection zone.

I expect if I lower my camera so that the horizon is gone, I will get better light level in front yard.

It would be helpful if at some point the AI uses the detecti9n zone. A little brighter during the day would be helpful if sensor can be tweaked.

I will retest tonight and see if lowering the cam angle improves the frontyard light during the current dark hour.

:star2::star2:May 31 updated :star2:
so I lowered the cam to remove the sky and got rid of the blackout of my frontyard at sunset…

tomorrow I will try felt pen on my Doorcam Pro and my OG Garage cam :thinking: as I cannot lower them down…

If the Wyze Cam (AI) set light level based on my detection zone, I would not need to do this.

stay tuned for my ‘AI felt pen’!! :slightly_smiling_face: tomorrow

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Hi @tc10, Thank you for your detailed test results. I’ve been collaborating with our engineers on this issue, and we would like to look into the footage that shows the transition from normal to dark and from dark to normal per the request from our image engineers. Could you share that with us?
Also, we are wondering if you are willing to help us test the firmware with the potential bug fix on your device.

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Happy to help.

I can record from floodlight cam pro history & post it to youtube or …

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I thought I sent you a text message with a link to requested video but now it seems to be gone. Did you get it?

@WyzeHongfei did you get my videos that I uploaded to you?