Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Beta 2.0.944 - 7/05/2023

Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Beta
Version: 2.0.944
What’s New:

  • Updated IQ (Image Quality) to improve low-light performance for color night vision
  • Modified the Detection Zone default setting so none of the screen is selected when it is first turned on
  • Improved motion detection logic inside the Detection Zone
  • Optimized microSD card status reporting
  • Resolved the lingering green box bug
  • Fixed a sunset & sunrise calculation issue
  • Bug fixes

Updating the FLP Now.


Update was successful. Have not run into any issues as of yet. :slight_smile:

don’t plan on seeing any issues yet


Updated to FLP Beta FW without issues. Testing within Android Beta App Release Candidate.

Believe this may be a Beta App Bug rather than firmware since it was experienced in a different variation prior to the firmware update, but when viewing a previous Event within the WFLP UI, pressing the “Jump to SD” button launches the SD Playback UI, however the Live Stream video plays. The Live Stream video advances, however the SD Playback timeline does not. Scrolling the timeline does force the SD Video Playback to load, however it is no longer at the correct time for the event at that point.

Cam Log 1101872
App Log 1101875

I will be watching this. I have noticed my FLPro’s turning on the ambient or Floodlight schedules up to 1-2hrs earlier than the real sunset time.


Was this update pulled? I updated 1 last night with no issues and when going to update the other 3 the update is no longer showing as available today.


Yea not seeing any update here either…


I am checking with the team now. I do not see it either but I have not heard anything about it being pulled.


@cyberdog_17 @IEatBeans
We found the issue and it should show up again soon.


It just repopulated on my end! Thanks!


Just realized that device wasn’t enrolled in the beta program… :man_facepalming: working now.


Very significant improvement in the Image Quality \ contrast \ image brightness \ light balance with the new firmware. :+1::clap::grin::white_check_mark::heart:

Both with 100% floodlights on:

Floodlights are still being activated by the onboard AI Person Detection only setting without any Person tagged Event upload video, only a Motion video (no person in FOV). This has improved a bit, now allowing for a slightly higher Motion Detection Sensitivity setting. However it still requires keeping the Motion Detection Sensitivity setting significantly lower than other Wyze Cams (<55) to manage false floodlight activations all night long. If the onboard AI activates the floodlights under the Person Detection only setting, a tagged video should be within the Events videos so that feedback can be submitted for onboard AI updates.

SD Playback is much more user friendly than before. Scrolling the timeline no longer locks the video under a “Loading” overlay. However the “No Video at the Present Time” issue is still present. Load latency of the timeline (continuous recording) is significant requiring multiple scrolls of the timeline to get the video to load and play.


Wow, that’s a lot brighter than mine even with the update. I noticed a slight improvement for when the light is ON but not much improvement for when the light is off but there is enough ambient light to keep it in color mode.


I don’t operate in Color Night Vision without the floodlights so I have no comparison since I usually have IRNV at night. There is no noticable difference from the old firmware image in IRNV, which actually had better image clarity and contrast in the distance than the old firmware Color Night Vision.

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how do i go about getting this firmware? the last update made it so it doesnt recognize ppl after dark in motion most of the time… it stopped calling all movement even outside the defined area vehicles(now my cam pan v3 is calling all motion, vehicles. going insane. even windchimes!!) however i can jump and wave my arms right in front of it after dusk and it wont kick the light on or pick it up as an event. and i can manually turn the light on, but when i go back in the app or leave the app by hitting Home or turning off screen, the light shuts off. have to goto floodlight settings and drag brightness down and back up to even get it on… now to get it to stay on…

i have the beta version of the app, btw

Are you asking about how to revert firmware? Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be an option.

2.0.944 is no longer in Beta. It has been released as Production Firmware. And, there are no downloadable .zip files available on the Firmware page. I don’t know if the FLP is even flash capable as I have never seen downloadable files or read of anyone doing it.

Interesting. :thinking: Mine is working as good or better with the new firmware. Picture quality in low light is better, AI activation and detection is about the same. Other issues I reported above have been fixed in the App Beta.

So you have the night vision in Auto? What are your sensitivity settings?

I have Cam Plus assigned. I record all motion, but I only have notifications on for Person and Pet w\ filters set in the Events tab to hide simple motion events. It has been very accurate in its AI detection.

What are your Floodlight Activation settings?

Are you using the Ambient Light schedule for keeping them on or are you using the toggle in the app for that? When I turn them on using the toggle in the live stream, they stay on even if I close the app. When I go back in they are still toggled on.

I am also using the Beta App.

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