Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Beta 2.0.944 - 7/05/2023

No. Figured it was beta firmware since youre not supposed to talk about beta stuff publicly to my understanding. I was speaking on public firmware & wanting better for the pro that Id purchased. And am really confused.

The AI detection has got better since, but it still doesnt work well sometimes. Tends to turn on with no detection noted every now and again or I have to be right up on it and doing jumping jacks for about 10secs before it decides to come to life. Stranger things in actual detection since installing the beta app i was given directly, rather than the Play store version of the beta app id had before…

And since the forum just notified me i hadnt been replying to what would have made it easier, had you had individual replies to all that to reply to, I just became aware that it should be fun for you to figure out which part of that Im replying to.

Floodlight setting are max sensitivity and only after dark. No night vision, the color nv thats native works just fine, as theres a street light nearby and house lights just around the corner.

And I have the same settings under cam plus recording 24/7

I didnt realize until after id made this post, that I could turn them on with the toggle on the main output screen. Its not super noticeable and figured it would have been with the other option buttons. Was turning it on and off by switching on and off thru the ambient light settings cuz i figured they forgot the toggle on the main where the others are at on the sliding button menu below the video.

Beta Firmware and Beta Apps are publicly tested by users who opt into the Beta Program. These are discussed within the public forum for any user to read within the Beta category. I believe what you may be thinking of is the Hardware Testing Program.

This is a noted behavior of the FLP by design. I had the same experience of the floodlight activating constantly all night long with no AI or Motion Events upload although I had the floodlight activation set to Person only.

I learned that it was because I had the sensitivity set too high. The onboard AI is controlled by the sensitivity setting. Within the firmware there are two separate thresholds preset. When the floodlight detects motion, the onboard AI looks at the moving objects and makes a percentage assessment of how closely it matches your set AI objects (Person, Pet, etc.). If the onboard AI is X.XX% sure (low threshold) it matches the object, it turns on the lights for a better look. If it is Y.YY% sure (high threshold) it is the object, it then uploads the video for server AI Engine tagging.

If the sensitivity is set too high, everything meets the low threshold but not the high one and the light is activating constantly.

It is a trial and error adjustment to find the sweet spot for your FOV. I dialed mine in at about 55. The sensitivity on the FLP is not calibrated the same as it is on the other Wyze cams so they cannot be compared.

This is a major problem. You are overwhelming the onboard AI. Set it at 50, test it, increase until it gets hyperactive, then slowly over time decrease it by one.

2.1.999 (August 30, 2023) is the latest Public Firmware available. Firmware cannot be flashed manually at this time. There is currently a Beta Firmware in testing,, discussed in the Beta Thread Wyze Cam Floodlight Pro Firmware Beta Test 10/18/2023.

First of all I know the difference between the apps. One time support when I was having the most trouble when the V3 cam pan first came out, they told me to get the beta app from the Play Store so it would be easier to submit logs for it. And the one that you get from the beta testing program is it completely different app specialized for the one that you were testing. And it’s actually a completely different message board. And the latter makes my cameras act crazy but it doesn’t matter now because they had me send something back and gave me the big finger about something that was already in production returning that instead of what I sent back and it just haven’t been what I complained about them not fixing and the beta form of it even though it’s in production. They’re being wise crackers. And furthermore since there’s no way for me to single out multi-reply replies to my knowledge, I played with the settings plenty and I can still do jumping jacks under it sometimes and it not go off most of the problems with the floodlight Pro they fixed since I got it in spring or early summer when it first hit their stores. Let’s see I don’t remember the other things I’m supposed to reply to even since I can’t do the direct quote thing on something that’s a reply with several direct quotes already being replied to so I’m going to go back and look and I’ll get right back with you with replies on the other things you mentioned that any cam tacky should already know so in future applies to me please treat me without the kid gloves and almost facetious matter of factness where I feel like I’m being talked down to as a lesser intelligent person. I know these things that you say and none of them are helpful nor do they directly address my issues or the issues with wyze AI. The point is they just need to fix it and there’s no need for you to make excuses for them not doing so or doing so and then breaking something else in that aspect. I just wish that they had a spot for a write-in as to what it was in the video so I don’t have to hit nothing every time whenever I submit it to them as if it even helps. I wonder their ages sometimes since they just look at everything I say is insults instead of constructive criticism and later on slightly insulting because they don’t reply to my messages they don’t do anything but make excuses apparently or just stay silent. You sound like you work for them because of how firmly your lips are pressed… anyway let me see if there’s anything else I didn’t reply to

Yeah the one thing I didn’t address was how well first stop calling it AI because it’s not artificial intelligence. It’s crappy programming that needs better algorithms and they should probably fire whoever’s in charge of that because they don’t give a crap about fixing problems as long as simple people don’t have any reason to complain. Then apparently their product doesn’t have to work as it’s advertised. I call that deceptive advertising. Yet another reason why I’m going to switch to the chinese parent c9mpqny of Ezviz and bite the bullet. The least they could do is stop nickel and diming us and give us the option to access the internal camera settings like the company I mentioned above over IP or at least a PC app and make it so we can use them with IP cans because that is their number one issue that people don’t want to deal with this brand is because they don’t think they should have to pay more than once let alone monthly for a camera. These are corporate people that don’t care about their customers they just care about the money or they would stop making the cameras white and so easily stolen instead of waiting till they put out the crap white ones and then the black ones come out and you got to buy them again if you don’t want your cameras stolen and they marketed as some other jazzy name. They should just make all their cameras black so that they’re not so easily stolen and let people use them on their IP nvrs so that maybe they would actually have higher sales numbers because that’s the number one reason I run into other than it taking 6 months before they have a production model after releasing production model, to actually decide to make it right either that or previous testers have been terrible. I digress. If they cared about customers then they would stop nickel and diming them with monthly subscriptions. They would make so much more money like that. Glad I did not purchase face recognition because I don’t think it would work any better than the supposed AI detecting legs and obviously legs and them not being able to recognize it especially when it’s walking across the screen. Really I would be able to tell a human from things that are vaguely shaped like humans and wouldn’t call deer vehicles or me have to do jumping jacks for 10 seconds under the motion sensor, before it comes on and then magically decides to shut itself off after 3 seconds or work completely backwards to where it turns off when I do that under it and comes back on whenever I walk away. And if they don’t fix the inability to only silence but not turn notifications off for individual cameras then with their lack of fixing the AI that isn’t ai and is actually very terrible, I’m definitely going to have to walk and I got a lot of money invested in this company too and they they don’t care. They’re doing way better with the connection problems that they consistently had but beyond that until they fire their guy that in charge of programming the AI algorithms, and get rid of the app only subscription model crap at least for basic function and the ability to make an IP cam and get the advanced functions and I’m sure they would be able to log into the cameras and activate that way if they were on site but whether their heads in the right place or not when it comes to coming up with these things they’re the least creative and the biggest money grabbing. Putting out OG cameras was a cash grab putting out a V3 with and without a light and charging drastically different prices is a cash crab all of them should have the light. And they should put out the little decals with every camera since I got to make them white and stand out they might as well make them look cute white and stand out for thieves. I’m done ranting this company makes me sicker or the longer here replying… Especially after this sick joke that they convinced me to send a camera back that I could have dealt with if I had known that they were going to send me the camera that works the worst for me and a pre-production model of it at that making sure that it’s terrible and they’re probably all sitting up there laughing at me and my message to support asking them very nicely what’s up with that…

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